Sunday, November 13, 2005


Wolfman's Apple Crumble Bannock

Bannock (see below for filling)
750 grams cake flour
500 grams vegetable shortening
250 ml water
15 grams salt
30 grams brown sugar
Apple filling for crumble
1500 grams apples
10 ml lemon juice
125 grams brown sugar
125 grams sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
80 grams butter
30 grams brown sugar
40 grams oat flakes
50 grams cornstarch
2 medium eggs -- for eggwash

1. Mix flour and shortening and rub until mealy or pea size nuggets
2. Mix in cold water, and blend, let rest dust with hard flour
3. Roll out dough and let rest before filling
4. Once filled bake at 400*F until brown
1. Peel and slice apples add lemon
2. Blend sugar starch and cinnamon add to apple mixture
3. Fill shell and mix butter oats and brown sugar, top.
4. Fold over edges and bake with an egg wash at 400*F or until golden brown

Contributor: Chef D. Wolfman

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